About Us



Hola amigos! Welcome to the official website of Hush and Wear. Our commitment to providing you with the greatest styles, with an emphasis on High Style and Exceptional Service, is relentless. The top Indian clothing store in terms of quality and condition is called Hush & Wear.
One of the fastest-growing e-commerce firms in India, Hush & Wear provides a distinctive selection of men's and women's casual wear with a hint of western influence. We were one of the first to introduce western fashion at incredibly low prices to the Indian market. You can spend your hard-earned money in one location and receive the most value for your money, at Hush and Wear. We're committed to providing you with the top casual clothing, with an emphasis on the greatest fit, comfort, and price. In 2022, the family-run company Hush and Wear opened its first retail location.
We only sell online at the moment.
Under the authority of Ranisati Clothing Private Limited, this Unit Hush and Wear is handled.