Oversized T-shirt

In this era where fashion brands have started focusing on creating statement pieces that are a blend of comfort and style. At present comfort is the primal thing which attracts and sustains customers for a longer period of time. Oversized Loose T-Shirts are trending in India as they provide comfort in every way. Oversized Loose T-Shirts have taken the fashion industry by storm, serving comfort and stylish look at the same time. It is what consumers are craving and buying currently frequently. In this article, you will explore some amazing tips on how to rock the oversized loose t-shirt trend in India, combining comfort and style for a fashion-forward statement. 

  • Choose soft fabric and pop colours and prints- In India, where fashion is a vibrant mix of traditional and contemporary influences, wear colours that pop like vibrant hues like fuchsia, turquoise, or mustard yellow, with comfortable fabrics will make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Step up your sleeves game- One should focus on the silhouette of the loose-fit oversized t-shirts and their sleeves. Batwing sleeves, dolman sleeves or asymmetrical cut sleeves, or folded sleeves are a few examples of different types of sleeves in oversized loose t-shirts which enhance the overall look of the t-shirt.
  • Layer it away- Create a new style by layering your oversized fit printed t-shirts with jackets and other shirts. Females can layer it with long and short shrugs, or it can also be worn underneath a see-through net crop top, giving it a sophisticated and chic vibe.
  • Add a splash of colour with vibrant accessories- Throw some colourful and vibrant accessories be it matching or in contrast, both look bomb on oversized loose t-shirts. This makes the whole outfit exciting, you can accessorize it with some necklaces, rings, hats, or even bracelets.
  • Dress it up- An oversized loose t-shirt can also be styled as dresses just include a belt on the waist over your loose t-shirt, creating a perfect balance of smart casual and pairing it with white casual shoes to complete your look.

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